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The Thin Green Line

page_thingreenline02The commercialization of wildlife generates a staggering amount of money each year. It is second only to the illicit drug trade. Unfortunately, and all too often, crimes against wildlife are looked upon as “victimless” and do not receive the same degree of attention as those involving drugs. Poaching, heart-pounding chases & searches, lonely vigils, and resolving human/wildlife conflicts are just a few of the activities a wildlife officer is involved with. Spanning the 20-year career of a Pennsylvania game warden, “The Thin Green Line” is a gripping, true account of what it was like to enforce the Game and Wildlife Code in rural northeastern Pennsylvania from 1987 until 2007.

“Many of the author’s encounters with poachers were harrowing to say the least, and you’ll feel like you were riding right beside him as he weaves his stories in well-written, vivid detail about his life as a wildlife warrior.  Larnerd does an excellent job of writing about the daily trials and tributes of a wildlife conservation officer in rural, upstate Pennsylvania.” Penn’s Woods Publications

“Rick has a very personable style that draws you in and makes you feel as though you know Rick personally.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book which is very well written and readable.  I found it to be a wonderful freshman undertaking…”  International Game Warden Magazine

Rick is retired and now calls Cookeville, Tennessee his home. “The Thin Green Line” can be ordered directly from him at a cost of $15.95 plus shipping – $20 total. Rick can be contacted by mail at 2909 Zeb Warren Road Cookeville, TN 38506.