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Turkey Box Calls

page_boxcalls01Each Gobbler Knob box call is painstakingly hand-crafted, one at a time, to bring out the most attractive feature of every piece of wood used in its construction. When they are finished, Gobbler Knob box calls are not only striking, but authentic-sounding as well. I use wood native to Northeastern PA and handpick each piece myself. Even Gobbler Knob field-grade calls are high-quality pieces of art.

Whether your new call is destined to become a part of your call collection or wind up in your turkey vest, you’ll be satisfied to own a Gobbler Knob box call. If I wouldn’t hunt with it myself, I won’t sell it to you. I guarantee it!

I do not keep calls for sale on hand.  Each call is commissioned and sent to its owner when finished.  The turn-around time can be several weeks, based on my backlog.  Plan accordingly when thinking about using them as gifts or for the upcoming hunting season.

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page_boxcalls_mastwood01The Mastwood™

The “Mastwood™,” gets its name from the two mast-producing wood species from which this call is made. The white oak produces acorns, which are a preferred food source of the wild turkey as well as the white tail deer. Curly white oak is used for the paddle and base. Black Cherry also produces a mast crop upon which the wild turkey flourishes. It is used for the rails. The two in combination make for an awesome call all the way around. It produces those raspy notes, which drives gobblers wild! The “Mastwood™” will be available beginning September 2007.

Collector-Grade calls start at $60, Field-Grade at $50.


page_boxcalls_original01Gobbler Knob Original™

This call is made of Black Cherry collected in Birchardville, Pennsylvania in the early 1970’s. It is capable of producing excellent runs of gobbler and Boss hen yelps. The collector-grade is a very striking call. The gobbler head handle is the mark of a Gobbler Knob call.

These calls can be made from any wood species I use or combination thereof.

Collector Grades start at $50, Field Grade at $40.


page_boxcalls_appalachian01The Appalachian™

The, “Appalachian™,” is made with a Black Walnut striker & base and Curly Maple rails. Both woods are commonplace throughout Appalachia, an area steeped in turkey hunting tradition.

The dark hues of the walnut contrasting with the lighter palette of the curly maple create a combination very pleasing to the ear and eye. This is one of my most popular calls.

Collector Grades starts at $60. Field Grades begin at $45.


page_boxcalls_americana01The Americana™

The name of this call originates from the American Chestnut from which it’s made. American Chestnut disappeared from the early American landscape at the beginning of the 20th century. I consider it to be the epitome of America.

The wood I use is approximately 150 years old and came from a turn-of -the-Century church, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, which was being razed. Because of its density, Chestnut is considered by many to be the foremost material for making box calls.

Collector-Grade Calls made entirely from this rare wood start at $75.

Field-Grade calls using Chestnut and any combination of other wood start at $60.


 page_boxcalls_fencepost01The Fencepost™

The “Fencepost™,” gets its name from the Black Locust from which it’s made. It’s yellowish-green hue stands in beautiful contrast to the darker palette of its black Walnut ends.

The density of this wood makes it desirable for use in call making. It produces those high raspy notes, which drives gobblers wild! My supply of this wood comes from an old farm in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

Collector-Grade calls start at $50, Field-Grade at $40.


 Added Features

Appliqué-style inlays are made using different species of wood to form the design. The finished inlay is unique and one-of-a-kind. Many hours go into their creation and their price begins at $50.
– click here to learn more about Appliqué-style inlays

Pewter Inlays add a nice touch and are included on Collector Grade calls. I use turkey tracks and gobbler head profiles. They can be added to Field Grade calls at $5 each.

A whitetail antler handle is a very popular feature. Customer initials personalize the call and are standard on Collector-Grade calls. Field-Grade calls can be upgraded for $10.

Wire inlay of nearly any design, can be added starting at $10 per design. I can use yours or one of my own. Ribbons of sterling silver and/or brass are used to complete the design. Oak leaves, like the one pictured here, are a signature mark on Gobbler Knob Longrifles.


page_boxcalls_wood01Wood Species Available

American Beech (Curly American Beech), American Chestnut (depending on availability), Black Cherry, Black Locust, Black Walnut, Curly Maple, Spalted Maple, Curly Red Oak, Hickory, quarter-sawn Sycamore, poplar.


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